writers & kitties

Writers & Kitties is another one of those Tumblrs that leaves me questioning my own creativity - more specifically, why didn't I think of this first? I love cats and famous writers and old pictures, it only seems natural to put them all together on one blog. That aside, here's a reminder that being a loving cat owner is one small step towards becoming successful and famous. You can visit the site for more information on how to submit your own photographs of writers and kitties. 

André Bazin & Surprised Kitty

Françoise Sagan & Kitty

Tennessee Williams & Kitty

Elizabeth Bishop & Reclining Kitty

Jean-Paul Sartre & Kitty

Mark Twain & Very Small Kitty

Edward Gorey & Acutely Aware Kitty

Truman Capote & Kitty

Rod McKuen & Nuzzling Kitty

Hemingway & Kitty

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