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One of my very favorite people, Vivian, just visited Austin for a few magical days, a large percentage of which we spent in coordinated outfits (yes, we're in our twenties.) There was the food, too. Oh, the food. New York City is a wonderful place, but the tacos leave something to be desired. 

Vivian, Joyce, and Caroline. 

Me and Vivian, Joyce and Vivian (pictures by Caroline)

Preview of an outfit post that will one day grace her super cute blog

Burrito baby. 

 Of course, there was lots of Halloween celebration happening, too!  The four of us were Pawnee Goddesses on Friday night (hello fellow Parks and Rec fans!) and Saturday, I was a cat (always a good last minute costume, right?).  Not really appreciated by actual cats, though.  Here is a picture of Pumpkin desperately trying to escape my clutches. He's voluntarily in my lap as I type this, though, so I can't be that bad, right?


double trouble sale

We've added a Vampires & Kittens print & zine bundle to our shop and until Halloween, it can be yours for just $10! 

Now isn't that a deal you just want to sink your teeth into?  (Sorry, had to.)


where have all the flowers gone?

I'm a big fan of autumn. Cozy sweaters, cider, and walking outside without my hair expanding to twice its normal size? Bring it all on. One thing I can do without, though is the disappearing ubiquity of flowers. I mean, I know crunchy leaves are super cool and we all just want to jump on them in our boots, but dammit, there's still room for fall florals!

 These babies in front of my mom's house are as Octobery as black cats and spider webs:

If I was handed a bunch of sacks of cash tomorrow, I would spend at least one sack exclusively on silk printed in muted and/or black and white florals. Definitely semi-sheer to conjure up images of ghosties in my brain.

This is a girl I am interested in starting my own Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with:

Image via Polka Dot

More Annie Clark!  Always more.  This time, in cool black and white rose print Lanvin for Elle.

And finally, some art by Becca Stadtlander in perfect pumpkin pie and cranberry hues. 


Dressing like Simon & Garfunkel

The dudes of this week's Dressing Like feature need no introduction...Simon & Garfunkel! I mean, what could I possibly say?  I feel like it would just end up as the inevitable "times I've cried while listening to The Boxer or watching The Graduate" speech, which could get very uncomfortable for all of us. Hint: more than I care to mention.

So! Instead, let's just agree that they are October-November dressing CHAMPS and choose not to think about what they might look like in shorts. 

Oh, and I tried out some fancy, non-Polyvore collages this time around! What do you think?


party down!

Last month, I cashed in some Amazon credit for a couple disposable cameras to use at our Glam Rock Space Cats housewarming party. The night turned out being a little crazier than we anticipated (a personal highlight for me was watching Carly yell at a guest for spewing out anti-feminist bullshit - he is not invited our Halloween party!), and when morning rolled around, only one camera was anywhere to be seen. Luckily, it turned up under the couch, and I just got the second roll back!

Pumpkin was the chillest little dude at the party! Look, he even winked.

Serious bonding.

Best dressed award winners.

Whenever I throw parties, I request a series of pictures of people looking angry/uncomfortable and then absurdly happy.


Team Carly's Pink Hair Forever

I feel like Kaye Blegvad should probably get a dollar every time someone enters our house because we have so much of her stuff up!

Joyce and Pumpkin are better friends than this picture suggests.

Party feet!

As you can see, we're pretty serious about decorating.


marry me, annie

I love these shots of St. Vincent by Tommy Kearns for Under the Radar - they totally confirm my belief that when Annie Clark isn't on stage shredding like nobody's business and singing with the voice of an angel, she controls the universe as some sort of cosmic warrior princess.  Or maybe she just sits around her apartment inhaling full seasons of TV shows like the rest of us. Either way, I think she's super cool and I can't wait to see her live properly for the first time next Monday after the less than satisfying taste I got a few years ago at the Museum of Fine Art Boston's free college night. Fewer backs of heads and loud conversations killing the vibe this time, please?


girls girls girls

A few months before Girls released Album, I downloaded a collection of their demos (or maybe live tracks?) and the songs quickly became my 2009 summer soundtrack.  Before I headed back to Boston for the school year, I spent an evening at Emo's (which, sadly, will be gone by the end of this year) closing out the summer in perfect form:  Smith Westerns, Girls, and Los Campesinos!  

Smith Westerns were, at that point, just a baby band (not even old enough to attend the gig they were playing, if my memory serves me correctly!) and I only knew a few songs by Los Campesinos!, but I left the show a fan of both bands.

Girls were still definitely the highlight of the evening for me, though. When Christopher Owens shuffled onstage in a baggy striped tee, cuffed jeans, tube socks, and red heels with his face covered in curls and I knew they would not disappoint, and I was right. I'll be seeing them again next month during Fun Fun Fun Fest (along with legends like the Damned and Public Enemy!), and I can't wait to see the new songs live!   


leah duncan

We're thrilled to be featuring one of the many talented folks based here in Austin for this week's artist interview.  I became familiar with Leah Duncan's work when my roommate Sara added one of her charming prints to our growing collection of bear art, which is getting quite impressive!  Her illustrations, which can be found on a variety of textiles, home goods, and paper products in her shop, feature colorful patterns and elements of nature, from mountains and flowers to swans and jack rabbits.  You can read more about Leah on her blog.

How would you describe the creative community in Austin? How has your location influenced your work?
The creative community in Austin is very vibrant and diverse, yet I think there's still a sort of "Austin" feel that you get from artists who live and work here. That certainly comes from the colors and sights of our surroundings. I live in east Austin which has brought a unique voice to my work in my color palettes, style, and themes I've explored. 

Can you elaborate on your creative process from the idea of a project to the final piece?
The creative process can be ever so messy and fulfilling at the same time! It normally starts with a thought, a moment, or an idea that I want to communicate which inspires me to make. Sometimes it comes out easily, other times it's a grueling process and I begin to panic because my thoughts and vision are not the reality of my work. If I do end up in a panic situation though, I've learned that it too is a part of the process, and once I get through it I generally end up with something even better than my original idea. It's always a tiny bit agonizing in the beginning, because I so want it to work out perfectly.

Do you have any advice for people hoping to teach themselves creative techniques? Are there any easy craft projects you can recommend?
I learn best by doing, so I'd say if you're interested in something give yourself time to try it and work through the process. Sewing is actually quite easy and sewing machines don't cost much! They're also super handy when you need to hem your pants.

Do you have a favorite piece or project that you have completed?
They're all a small part of me, so it's hard to choose just one. I think my favorite drawing recently has been "I'll be your swan". It's one of those pieces that happened perfectly without too much effort and it makes me smile every time I see it.

What can we expect to see from you in the next few months? Do you have any dream collaborations or projects (however unlikely!) that you would like to accomplish in the long-term?
I have a fabric line that will be released through Anthology fabrics in February, which has always been a dream of mine. I'm also working on a few collaborations with fellow artists, including Austin local Sarah Wymer of Studio SloMo. In the long term I'd like to open a brick and mortar shop, keep expanding my home goods line, and create an overall recognizable brand of my work. All very possible dreams. If I'm going for an unlikely dream it would be to do album artwork for Arcade Fire. : )

 Thanks, Leah!


all things must pass

HBO began airing Martin Scorsese's documentary about the life of George Harrison this week, George Harrison. Tonight is Part II and I encourage everyone to check it out. I just started Part I this even and am already really loving it. Scorsese always paints the most beautiful and lush portraits of musicians and I expect this one will be no different - the trailer really speaks for itself.

Also, sort of on topic, I recently came across a tumblr devoted to Beatles photographer Astrid Kirchherr and thought I would share a few of my favorite photos from the site.

miu miu spring '12

The hair, the red eye shadow, the black / blue combos, the crop tops, the bows - the only spring collection to win over my heart completely (minus the usuals that have already been talked about here!). 

all images from nymag.com
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