Emilie Lindsten

I stumbled upon the photography of Emilie Lindsten while looking for behind the scenes Fashion Week photos (typical me). Maybe it's the Grizzly Bear I have on in the background (which always puts me in a particularly dreamy mood) or the fact that I'm realizing as as autumn approaches that I still haven't come to terms with the passing of spring, but I'm all about these hazy shots right now!

dip dye

After a failed effort to dip dye a tank top over the weekend (apparently you should dilute bleach before submerging fabric into it, just an FYI), I'm ready to try again! This time around, I'm thinking of picking up some basic sweatshirts to bleach, and dye blush pink and black. If all turns out okay, I'll update with the results. 

A little dip dye inspiration! 


a kitten, records, and zines / around the house

This was not initially intended to be a post having anything to do with cats, but Pumpkin seems to be sneaking his little face into about 75% of the pictures I take these days, so it's kind of hard to avoid making things all about him.


Records and magazines are cool to me not so much because I glamorize the past (people talking about how much better it was way-back-when makes my blood boil)...but because of the leap of faith involved. I like holding the finished product in my hands and thinking "this could have flopped so badly" and knowing the fact that it ended up with me means that it didn't. I guess it's a bit like the emotional investment I put in every roll of film and the anxiety of waiting to see the finished product -that spectrum of emotions is so cool to me and not something I would ever completely abandon in my life.

And kittens are just cute. That's a fact.
New zine storage inspired by Abby Try Again's spice rack idea. We're too into zines to not display them prominently, right? Caroline's fondness for Christmas lights gives it some extra whimsy.

Best little face.

Tea and The Gentlewoman make a pleasant afternoon.

 Bear (and kitty!) corner.

My bedroom.

Pumpkin likes sitting on my records, which doesn't seem too comfortable to me, but cats are freaks.


fall wishlist, or an early christmas shopping list for my parents

I apologize for my lack of fashion posts recently. Usually they're my favorite, but since moving (and having basically no money), I find myself less and less interested. There really hasn't been TOO much I've wanted to purchase for fall and I haven't seen anything floating around on the internet very inspiring (shocking, right?). But, I am always game for wishlist posts especially for important things, like fall necessities

And hopefully when it cools down, we'll be doing some more personal fashion posts here. I can't speak for Tricia, but I'm more of a fall fashion gal and need my scarves and chunky knits to feel at all put together. 100 degree weather and me do not mix well.

1. Midi Dress
(Both dress No. 6 from the No. 6 Blog & Totokaelo)

Yesterday Tricia and I did some exploring with our friend Megan on South Congress in Austin. After some serious contemplating about whether or not it was worth the tears afterwards, we checked out By George who had all midi length dresses from No. 6 in stock (along with the new Steven Alan...it was all beautiful).  I was already sort of wanting a midi length dress for this fall, but now I really want one.  How perfect would they be with a pair of black ankle boots? And perhaps a little denim jacket for chilly nights? *Watching these like a hawk until they hit clearance.*

2. Marled Gray Pullover

(Pullovers by Isabel Marant Etoile via La Garconne and J.Crew; Third image from Metier Blog)

A few weeks ago I wrote about my love of the shrunken gray sweatshirt but have yet to find one at an affordable price (less than $30) so now I'm writing a plea to the gods of shrunken grey sweatshirts, please think of the jobless and send one to my doorstep.

3. Black High Waisted Jeans

I loathe shopping for jeans - either they never fit my hips, they're too long, too loose in the knees, or just look terrible overall. Last year Madewell a fit perfect for girls with shorter legs, but discontinued the style. If only! I've heard really great things about Cheap Monday and the fact that they're fairly affordable makes them the front runner thus far. If any fellow short legged gals want to offer any suggestion or they're favorites, I'm all ears!

4. Comme des Garçons Play x Converse

Let me preface this one by saying this a completely unnecessary item but I just can't help myself. I probably could never pull these off in real life, but this is after all, a "pretend" wishlist.

5. Alexa Chung x Madewell Eyes Eyes Eyes Pouch

I'm just going to come out and say it - I really am not that impressed with this year's Alexa Chung for Madewell collaboration. Overall, none of the pieces really stood out as being very covetable and I was disappointed to see the line was just a poorer version of the same aesthetic from last line. I do really love this little pouch though. I would have loved to see some more done with the eye imagery, perhaps on jersey dresses or silk tees? What did everyone else think about the line?

And some imagery - 

Pullover via Founders and Followers

Binki Shapiro's Spread for Madewell

My own polyvore

Fabrizio via Tumblr


dressing like paul newman

I'm resurrecting the semi-weekly "Dressing Like" for a little Paul Newman love!  I feel like there's a really good (awful) joke in there somewhere with "dressing like" and Newman's Own salad dressing. Whoever comes up with the best one wins my eternal affection.

Aside from packing a hell of a lot into his life as an actor/racecar driver/philathropist,  Paul Newman fit my number one requirement of a style icon: looking stylish in a plain white t-shirt.  Bonus points for looking badass in loafers, which is another direct route to my  heart.

These shoes were totally on my wishlist towards the beginning of summer (even creeped into a Polyvore set) when I happened to come across them in my size while thrifting in Boston.  One of the greatest sartorial anxieties I've experienced in my life occurred a month or so later when I was wearing them through torrential downpour while catching a show on the Williamsburg Waterfront.  I was pretty bummed out as I was sure my dream loafers wouldn't make it...but they came out of it looking brand new! Plus they're the comfiest shoes I own.  Totally would recommend buying these shoes, even at full price if you have the means.  So yeah, I hope you enjoyed that entire paragraph about one pair of loafers. Blogging!

APC sweatshirt / Acne white jeans J Crew striped shirt 
Madewell socks  / Keds canvas shoes


sarah julia clark

 If Sarah Julia Clark just drew pretty pictures, we'd still like her a lot, as she is quite the talented illustrator! However, take a closer look at her art and you'll find that it champions a message of equality, which makes us downright love her work. I mean, I don't think anything could be more up our alley than a feminist book with a felt cover and stickers (not even the stuff we make!), so it's only natural that we're fans.

Sarah answered a few questions for us about researching for her work, feminism, and her upcoming exhibition, which you should put on your calendar if you're in London! Check out her website and blog for more.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your art? Are there any artists, illustrators, or films in particular that have influenced your work?
At the moment I’m finding lots of inspiration in Trade Union Banners and the history of protest, in particular regarding women’s rights. Most of my projects begin by researching background material with the visuals normally developing through reading. I wouldn’t say there is anyone who has directly influenced my work but I have a lot of admiration for other designers. My internship at Agency Rush this summer exposed me to the wonderful Jess Wilson and Kate Jenkins.

Can you elaborate on your creative process from the idea of a project to the final piece?
Most of my projects are research based. I begin with lots of reading and visual research if relevant. This is followed by many late nights of painting and drawing, then busy days of screen printing and making. I spend half my life with a bad back! I’m known for being the most productive between 10pm and 4am, which is something I really need to change.

One of our favourite projects of yours is your Ladies First zine. How did you come up with the idea? Was feminism always a theme in your artwork?

I had been thinking a lot about “gentlemanly” behaviours and the ridiculous gender etiquette that people still play up to even today. I find it really interesting how we accept so many things in this culture as the norm without questioning or challenging them. Traditions such as opening the door for a “lady “are of course acts of kindness, but also reinforce gender stereotypes, viewing women as passive. This idea is more evident in examples such as changing the wheel of a car, DIY or paying the bill at dinner which are traditionally roles of men. I refuse to accept this.
“‘Woman’ is not a derogative word. I am always a woman, but there are time when I choose to sit without holding my knees together.” ~Sylvia Dickey Smith
Feminism has always played an important part in my life and after attending several discussion and consciousness raising groups I feel compelled to try promoting positive feminist messages through my work. The word feminism comes with a lot of baggage and I’m constantly trying to represent it in a fresh way, for what it really is - empowering, positive and forward thinking.

You have a variety of items available in your shop such as brooches, tote bags, and coasters. If you could print your work on any surface or product, what would you choose?
I’m still exploring screen-printing, recently printing on kitchen tiles, which was great fun. I tend to print on quite a small scale so I’d love to work on something larger. It would be great to transform one of my designs into a rug or a duvet cover or print my own fabric and create garments. I have a textile background and used to make a lot of my own clothes, I’d love to get back into that.

What projects do you have planned? Do you have any dream collaborations or projects (however unlikely!) that you would like to accomplish in the long-term?
I’d love to work on some large-scale campaigns for women’s rights and try to contribute creatively to moving the feminist movement forward. I’m slowly expanding my range of products and it is probably unrealistic, but I’d love to run my own shop selling my work and using the back as my studio. Although it’s fantastic to have other shops selling my things, there is nothing like doing it yourself. I love doing art and zine fairs and it’s great talking to my lovely customers. 
At the moment I'm working on some illustrations featuring a variety of truly inspirational women, ecofeminists, abolitionists, professors, activists and authors. These will form part of an exhibition called ‘UP To Now’, featuring the work of Brighton Illustration and graphic design students as we enter our third and final year. The exhibition runs from 30th Sept- 2nd Oct at RED Gallery, Shoreditch, London. Check out our website and blog to see some of the work progressing.

Thanks, Sarah!


Vampires & Kittens

We are happy to (finally!) announce a new zine available for order right now! Caroline has been working on some super creepy art featuring vampires and kittens working in blood-thirsty union, and you can order it now and get it in plenty of time for Halloween, which I'm pretty sure lasts the entire month of October.

There's also a twin vampresses cardstock print available in the shop if you want to get your home all spooky for the holidays and beyond.  

Use the code VAMPIRE to get free shipping for the rest of September!  


Pleet is Neat

Covering fashion week without actually being at fashion week is one of the more gratuitous things a blogger can do, so I'll limit it to sharing with you a favorite collection of this year that I haven't seen plastered all over yet - Samantha Pleet Spring '12.

Pleet's collections always make me want to go exploring, and this season probably more so than ever. I mean, check out that tropical bird caped swimsuit! Raddest (and possibly most impractical) thing I have seen in a while. I'm into the cool cutouts, knots, and braids, but my favorite thing has to be the colors she used. I just want to look like the Grand Canyon all the time if I can't go there right now.


Crowns Clothing

A (relatively) cool weekend in Austin has got me dreaming of chunky knits and ankle boots, but the release of the Crowns Clothing Spring Summer 11/12 lookbook has convinced me to go picnicking in sundresses with great frequency while the weather still allows in this hemisphere. 

When Morgan told me a couple months ago that she had booked Louise Hatton (whose work for Twenty Seven Names I was already in love with) for the shoot and brought perennial favorite Georgia on board for styling, I knew her clothes would be in good hands. Dream team, right? Not living 
anywhere near New Zealand bums me out on a regular basis and I blame these girls!

 Photography: Louise Hatton Photography
Model: Daisy @ Red11
Makeup: Grace Margaret Howarth
Hair, Styling: Georgia Rose Munn

Check out the whole lookbook here and keep your eyes on the Crowns Clothing Etsy for preoders of this collection and previous seasons on sale!  Plus, we'll have another exciting Crowns Clothing related bit to share with you soon! 


faye moorhouse

After a mini-hiatus from our weekly artist interviews, we are finally back with a few new interviews with some very talented ladies. Our first interview is with illustrator Faye Moorhouse based out of southern England. Although kind of embarrassing to admit, I found her work through one of my late-night "cat zine" searches on Etsy (which as a side note, there really aren't many of...) and came across her epic artist's book, The Cat Ladies of Czechoslovakia. Her Etsy shop is bursting with original paintings, zines, prints, housewares - all of it a little creepy but as I've commented on a few of our previous interviews, my favorite art always is. Faye answered a few questions for us about the inspiration behind her different series of work & her self-publishing process.  

You can find more of Faye's work on her website and purchase her zines, prints & original paintings through her online shop

Where do you draw your inspiration? 
My main form of inspiration is stories. I’m particularly drawn to tales of strange things, conspiracies, mysteries, murders etc. I’m a natural born pessimist and I love all things
gross and shocking, I like to think this oddness shows itself in my work. 

Are there any artists, illustrators, or films in particular that have influenced your work?
Taxidermia, A Zed and Two Noughts, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover, Lars and The Real Girl, Blue Valentine. These are all really influential films for me, I’m not a great film watcher, I get very distracted and lose concentration quite quickly, however these films really engrossed me. I tend to be more of a documentary and reality-tv kind of person, and I think this tendency towards all things trashy and shocking has a definite influence on my work.

Are there any specific themes in your illustrations and projects you find yourself continually returning to? 
At the moment I am really trying to build up my online etsy shop, this means that I spend  less time than I should on creating new work. I am really enjoying painting naked  swimmers and people having sex, I also keep returning to my cat ladies; I think they have  further to be taken; I would love to animate the cat ladies!

And do you have a favorite project that you've completed?
Three Very Gruesome Love Stories was a really fun project for me, it was my minor  project at Uni, and our first self-initiated one, so I took the opportunity to do something I could really stick with and find personally intriguing. It was fun to work on 3 short stories as it allowed freedom to flip between them, meaning it always felt very fresh. 

Do you find yourself tending to complete your work in series? Or, can you elaborate on your creative process in terms of a piece from start to finish? Is there always a narrative  in mind?
When I begin a new project I start with a general theme or more often than not, a specific story, either one I’ve found or one I’ve written myself. Then I start putting my ideas straight into little mock-up books, (made by stapling 4 bits of a4 folded paper together) I’ve tried working straight onto paper but I find it restricting, I love being able to work out the pace and flow of a book. From there I just keep re-making these mock-up books until I have one which works well, then I will create the final images, scan, edit, put into book format, print and bind. Some of my books/zines also require hand-colouring, this is quite a lengthy process! 
After I’ve created a final book / books for the project, or in fact whilst I am making books, I will start to think about how I can translate the narrative into single images.

If you could collaborate with any artist or individual on a project, who would it be and what would you produce?
I have no one in mind in particular, but I would love to do larger wall mural pieces or set  design for shops/ magazines. Actually one just came to mind! I would love to work with a  publisher, I’ve got my eye on Nobrow at the mo, they publish gorgeous screen-printed  short runs of artists/ illustrators books. Although I love self-publishing it does get  frustrating at times when I don’t have the equipment to do larger runs and with better  quality colour output, so I do secretly fantasize about getting my book spotted by a  publisher.

Thanks, Faye!

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