fall wishlist, or an early christmas shopping list for my parents

I apologize for my lack of fashion posts recently. Usually they're my favorite, but since moving (and having basically no money), I find myself less and less interested. There really hasn't been TOO much I've wanted to purchase for fall and I haven't seen anything floating around on the internet very inspiring (shocking, right?). But, I am always game for wishlist posts especially for important things, like fall necessities

And hopefully when it cools down, we'll be doing some more personal fashion posts here. I can't speak for Tricia, but I'm more of a fall fashion gal and need my scarves and chunky knits to feel at all put together. 100 degree weather and me do not mix well.

1. Midi Dress
(Both dress No. 6 from the No. 6 Blog & Totokaelo)

Yesterday Tricia and I did some exploring with our friend Megan on South Congress in Austin. After some serious contemplating about whether or not it was worth the tears afterwards, we checked out By George who had all midi length dresses from No. 6 in stock (along with the new Steven Alan...it was all beautiful).  I was already sort of wanting a midi length dress for this fall, but now I really want one.  How perfect would they be with a pair of black ankle boots? And perhaps a little denim jacket for chilly nights? *Watching these like a hawk until they hit clearance.*

2. Marled Gray Pullover

(Pullovers by Isabel Marant Etoile via La Garconne and J.Crew; Third image from Metier Blog)

A few weeks ago I wrote about my love of the shrunken gray sweatshirt but have yet to find one at an affordable price (less than $30) so now I'm writing a plea to the gods of shrunken grey sweatshirts, please think of the jobless and send one to my doorstep.

3. Black High Waisted Jeans

I loathe shopping for jeans - either they never fit my hips, they're too long, too loose in the knees, or just look terrible overall. Last year Madewell a fit perfect for girls with shorter legs, but discontinued the style. If only! I've heard really great things about Cheap Monday and the fact that they're fairly affordable makes them the front runner thus far. If any fellow short legged gals want to offer any suggestion or they're favorites, I'm all ears!

4. Comme des Garçons Play x Converse

Let me preface this one by saying this a completely unnecessary item but I just can't help myself. I probably could never pull these off in real life, but this is after all, a "pretend" wishlist.

5. Alexa Chung x Madewell Eyes Eyes Eyes Pouch

I'm just going to come out and say it - I really am not that impressed with this year's Alexa Chung for Madewell collaboration. Overall, none of the pieces really stood out as being very covetable and I was disappointed to see the line was just a poorer version of the same aesthetic from last line. I do really love this little pouch though. I would have loved to see some more done with the eye imagery, perhaps on jersey dresses or silk tees? What did everyone else think about the line?

And some imagery - 

Pullover via Founders and Followers

Binki Shapiro's Spread for Madewell

My own polyvore

Fabrizio via Tumblr


  1. I completely agree about the latest Alexa line. The last one I adored and wanted everything in it, but this one just seems like a bland aggregate of every street style blog ever. And not in a good way.

  2. hi kitten, i know i'm a bad person for suggesting this but walmart has fantastic heather grey hanes sweatshirts for $7, and if there's not one near you the shipping is 97¢ flat rate. i loooove my hanes sweatshirt.

  3. ohhhh ty dana! you are not a bad person for that haha. i actually need to go to buy supplies for a confetti system i'm planning for our house. maybe i'll go later today and hope the saturday crowd has cleared out.

  4. CONFETTI SYSTEM? i don't even get it but that sounds awesome

  5. http://www.confettisystem.com/! this thing! it's so easy to make.

    and i ended up finding the perfect sweatshirt at f21 for $11! SCORE.

  6. Yeah Jeans shopping is the worst. mostly why are all jeans made so they fall off your arse these days? I find it impossible to find a pair that are skinny in the leg and don't expose my butt everytime I sit down. I'm 28. I don't need to be flashing that shit around. Sort it out jeans manufacturers. I need to check out Cheap Mondays, they are good. I also want everything else on this list. Thanks. ;-)


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