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Just a lazy Sunday post of a few of my recent favorite things. Things will probably be a bit slow around here the next few weeks while we pack our belongings and move to Texas, but we have big plans and lots of projects planned in the next few months! If you're interested in taking part of any of our upcoming zines, please don't be shy! ventricularprojects @ gmail.com

After coveting it for a while now, I finally bit the bullet and bought this Vain and Vapid dress. I can't wait to pair it with some black tights and ankle boots for fall. 

Dalí's Portrait imaginaire de Lautréamont à 19 ans obtenu d’après la méthode paranoiaque-critique, 1937 via i12bent

Sneak peak to a guest post with one of our favorite bloggers, Vivian, that I'll post the full contents on once she posts it. Some of my recent purchases: No. 6 dress, Rachel Comey tank and a thrifted sweater


The "I'm officially ready for fall" Polyvores


just a quick note

Just in case anyone tries to access our main site, we're in the middle of changing hosts with an anticipated relaunch in August. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can contact us at ventricularprojects@gmail.com if you have any questions about collaborating or sending us a submission for our projects. We'll be updating our Facebook page with more specifics about our projects until our new site is up.



just the same, but brand new

I snapped this shot almost a month ago when I was packing for a 4th of July weekend camping trip. It just goes to show you that I am a creature of habit, because I could have taken the exact same picture today as I get ready to leave town for a few days. I like what I like and I like it a lot, okay?

Here's a picture of my trusty companion for this long weekend, Pam, that is very similar to one I previously posted here, but nicer, I think! I bought a Holga on a whim a few years ago and only got around to using it this month. I've decided that it's nice to have around to throw in a beach bag or take camping, but getting my roll of film back definitely had me itching for a real medium format camera. I can't spend the money right now, but a girl can dream, right?

See you in a few days, internet!

from the desk of...

Artist and jewelry designer Fanny Bostrom is one of my biggest girl crushes so I was super excited to see little tidbits of her Brooklyn studio on "from the desk of..." It's pretty much my "dream" studio area as its bursting with almost every essential item for crafting and making just about anything. Tricia and I will have a little space to set up our own little studio area in our new house in Austin which I'm extremely happy about. In the past, my "studio" has been a corner of my bedroom that somehow overtakes the rest of the room (paints and sketchbooks in my bed, the floor covered in paintings that are drying, etc). We already have some projects planned that we can't wait to work on and share with everyone! :)

all images via from the desk off...


Naomi Elliott

Every once in a while, I'll stumble across a drawing or illustrator on the internet and then am suddenly baffled about how I was completely unfamiliar with them until 10 seconds before. I tend to take an immediate liking to certain types of illustration, usually more minimal designs done with graphite and block shapes. Sometimes even a bit macabre and creepy. So it's almost a bit upsetting when I realize I've gone so long without being able to enjoy someone's work who fits that description. Naomi Elliott's work is the latest example of this. Looking through all of her work on her blog and portfolio, I can't find a single piece that I don't absolutely love. I knew immediately that I had to interview her for our blog and  Naomi was sweet enough to answer a few questions about her inspirations and upcoming projects. 

You can find more of Naomi's work on her website and you can follow her on Tumblr for updates about her work. She has an online shop in the works and we'll let everyone know when it's up!

Your drawings mimic both the every day and fantastical elements. Can you tell us a little bit about how your process and sources of inspiration differ from capturing still life objects (like in the Déjeuner du Matin / morning breakfast series) to creating make believe worlds (Come to the Circus)?
I tend to get a lot of inspiration from my dreams and nightmares. For the past year I've been having incredibly vivid dreams so I keep a little diary beside my bed and try and write down as much of the details as soon as I wake up. I guess this is why a lot of my work does flit between the real and the imaginary.
Can you give us the inside scoop to the book (True Sailor Boy) that you've been working on? What sort of other upcoming projects do you have planned?
I've always been very enchanted by old sea shanties and wanted to make a book out of one that I really loved. There's something so magical about that world that exists at sea and the songs that were sang where no-one else could hear them. It's very much a work in progress at the minute but I'm just giving myself time to get through it and focus on making it the best that it can be. I've also started making a little book about a haunted house I used to live in and I'm also in the process of setting up an online shop which should exist very soon. I'll be sure to let you know when it's ready!

What are your dream collaborations or projects, however ridiculous or unlikely they may be?
My dream project would be to illustrate a cookbook! If I wasn't an illustrator I think I'd like to be a chef. 
It would also be a total dream come true to collaborate with Woody Allen on..anything really. He seems like such an interesting person so I reckon we could come up with something a bit crazy.

Any advice to anyone just getting into illustration and drawing on how to develop their own personal style?
Keep creating! I think it's important not to get too caught up in comparing yourself to other people or trying to copy other illustrators styles. The more you draw and practice the more you'll see what you're comfortable with and you'll see your own style emerge. At times, I really struggle with the internet in the respect that you are constantly bombarded with really awesome work and it can leave you feeling really inadequate but you just have to work through it and find your own voice.

 Thanks, Naomi! 


my etsy picks

I had a bit of down time in what is otherwise a crazy couple of weeks (more on that later), so I figured I'd share some of my Etsy favorites since I enjoyed seeing Caroline's so much. 

 First up, Ms. Caroline herself has some lovely prints (and custom kitty portraits!) available on her Etsy.  I've seen these in real life (to ship them off to our lucky giveaway winner), and they are super nice!  

 Colleen Jordan has an adorable line of wearable planters, which you can get in necklace form (above), earrings, or pins.  I don't know that this is quite everyday jewelery, but I can see myself rocking a bit of flora for special occasions.  Why not?

I've been on a major tea kick lately, and I can definitely see these porcelain shell mugs from Villarreal Ceramics perfecting the experience! Maybe one day, I'll get sick of soft, cotton candy colors, but I don't see it happening any time soon.

 An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails features two of my absolute favorite things. Need I say more?

Rachel Rose creates gorgeous, hand painted silk tops, like this one of a kind beauty, which just happens to be in the only colors I care about lately...pink and blue.

Hopefully, my shopping ban will be successful, but if not, I'd put money on one of these items being the culprit!


etsy finds

With my moving soon, it only seems fitting that I buy a bunch of stuff to further difficult the moving process. Nothing like Etsy to kick you while you're down, amiright? Here's a few of my "favorite" items I've recently come across on Etsy (I actually went ahead and picked up the lavender soap because you always need soap...)

Soaps by 12th Avenue

Denim Tie Crop Top from North Brooklyn Dry Good

Spirit Animals Mug by Corduroy

Paper Flower Garland by Kaye Blegvad

Eco Friendly Organic Lip Balms by Phoenix Botanicals


Kensey Crane

Kensey Crane is a real gem of a gal, and I'm pleased to say, one of my friend-crush success stories (after many months of mutual admiration and one mistaken identity). Whether she's photographing nature, the creatures and characters of her neighborhood, or her own pretty face, the results are always a treat because Kensey's wit, impeccable style, and heart are always bursting through. 
You can check out more of Kensey's photography on her flickr and buy a print of her work (only $5 for perfection!) OR a copy of Tilde Journal featuring her work in our Etsy store

Where do you draw your inspiration for your photography? Are there any artists, illustrators, or films in particular that have influenced your work?
I have a big fascination with architecture, people's mannerisms, and nature. Depending on where I`m living - whether it be city or the small town I grew up in, I tend to gravitate to those things. Right now being in Montreal, I've become infatuated with the old buildings and churches, as well as the interesting characters that inhabit the different neighbourhoods (you get to know them after a while, its almost comforting.)
I also get a lot of inspiration from films. I have a couple of friends who have introduced me to some directors that have moved me and changed me and made me want to capture images in a certain way. Ingmar Bergman was probably the first one who I really connected with. He just has this way of translating human nature in a way that makes you feel both awful and wonderful. Every time I watch something by him I get this restless feeling, like I have to make something.  I recently found out about this lovely female street photographer named Vivian Maier. From the 1950s onwards, she took all these incredible candid photos of people, none of which were discovered until recently when someone stumbled upon them in an antique auction. Boxes and boxes of amazing works, some of them not even developed. Since seeing them I've gained the courage to start photographing strangers on the street. Sometimes I ask permission and sometimes I'm sneaky.

 Your photographs always have a very distinct feel. Can you tell us about your favorite type of equipment to use and your processes?
When I started taking photos a few years ago I was using this little Canon digital camera. Nothing too fancy, but it allowed me to take thousands of photos and understand how to use a camera as a vessel to express an idea. Recently I`ve sort of felt detached from digital, feeling that it made me lazy and careless, and have been using a Pentax film camera my father bought me as a Christmas gift. There is just something when using film that can`t be mimicked. It's more of a process, more effort and thought are put in to each picture. Nostalgia is one of the feelings I always try to portray, and film makes this very easy to do.  I get so excited about getting film developed, almost an anxious nauseous feeling - but a good one! I'ts definitely not the most affordable medium, but I feel like its worth it.

 What are your dream collaborations or projects, however ridiculous or unlikely they may be? 
I would actually love to work with some of my friends. Matt Feyld is one of my favourite photographers/illustrators (name drop: http://matthewfeyldphoto.blogspot.com/), I`d love to collaborate with him on some photography ideas and perhaps some doodles too. I like the way he sees the world.
I also think it would be fun to make some sort of uncomfortable, ugly movie with Harmony Korine. Starring Jeff Goldbum as my lover.  

What direction do you see yourself taking your work in the future?  Do you have any upcoming projects planned?
I want to start developing my own film. My friend has a makeshift darkroom that I`ll hopefully have a chance to play around in some day soon.
And more and more I find that I want to make movies. That is my ultimate goal. It just feels like the next step from photography. I do plan on buying a VHS camera soon and starting there, seeing what sort of things I can do with that. 
Putting images in motion with some music, writing scripts and maybe forcing my friends to participate in front of the camera.
Oh and if you`re reading this Mr. Goldblum, feel free to contact me about acting opportunities.

Thanks, Kensey! 


dressing like buster keaton

From about ages 12-16, I really wanted to be a director, which didn't make a whole lot of sense, because telling people what to do is probably my least favorite thing in the universe.  I guess of all the phases to go through at that tender age, having a voracious appetite for classic cinema is probably one of the least destructive, though, so it all worked out.

I've honestly forgotten a lot of what I learned while geeking out over filmmaking in those few years, but my love for Buster Keaton has stayed put. And how could it not?  Expressive faces are kinda my thing (see Emotions With Jon Hamm), and Keaton could show you a world of sadness in a second's glance.  Sure, he was a champ of physical comedy, but for me, his films were always about feelings. Since I don't think anyone wants this blog to turn into an exploration of the caverns of my lonely heart, I decided to focus on another element of what makes Buster Keaton movies so great: the style. Pork pie hats forever!

To tap into your inner silent film star, be prepared to take on a variety of characters (train engineer, detective, and sailor to name a few) and be careful - even the most innocent activity will turn into quite the quagmire that you can only escape by the skin of your teeth!

The Navigator 

I have this and I love it, but sadly, Saks (where I got it for way cheaper) is all out of them.

Natural Wide Brim Boater at Topshop / H&M Straw Boater/ Helen Kaminski Raffia Boater Hat / Steven Alan Jillian Hat

The Cameraman

Anthropologie Blazer

giveaway winner!

We'd like to congratulate the winner of our Good Times giveaway, Aviva! Out of our 40 entries from comments, Facebook likes and Tumblr reblogs, she was randomly chosen. 

Thanks to everyone who entered! To those of you who didn't win, do not fret! We'll have lots of fabulous giveaways in the future.


oc x a for apple

As someone who stops and stares and smiles and waves at all babies in the grocery store, it's no surprise that I found this Opening Ceremony by A for Apple fashion shoot to be possibly the cutest thing ever. And I would not mind owning all of this in an adult size.



(all images via OC blog)
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