R.I.P. ventricular projects...HELLO FANGIRL!


For a while now, we've been hinting about changes around here and doing a lot of behind the scenes plotting, and now we’re ready to share our new venture - Fangirl.  

The past couple years of blogging and working on creative projects together, Carly and I been figuring out where we want to take this.  Opening a store has always been a far-off dream. Making things ourselves, of course.  Supporting and collaborating with people whose work we enjoy, definitely.  Writing more about my pop culture feelings (for me - sorry, world...but I use the internet as my diary and most of my emotions come from listening to pop songs).  Working with our local creative community. More girl power always and forever! With that in mind, we’re launching Fangirl - a blog and webshop.  

Why Fangirl? What is it gonna be? Generally speaking, I’m bad at playing it cool. Sometimes I try, though, like when I’m talking to people who I think are beautiful and talented and stylish, but it never lasts, which is a good thing because I’m sure I’m terrible to talk to when I’m trying to impress you. Using the word “fangirl” in these types of conversations is particularly good at shifting the mood to a place I’m comfortable - unrestricted enthusiasm. It's like a secret code to let people know that it's okay to gush about your favorite things.

Fangirl is a corner of the internet carved out for a little old fashioned appreciation in the digital age.  Our focus is primarily on emerging talent and D.I.Y. spirit, but anything’s fair game for inspiration. We'll be launching the webshop in a couple weeks with a few pieces by super cool girls and constantly expanding to stocking a diverse collection of affordable items perfect for gifting and treating yourself alike. We also hope to get more involved with the local creative community and plan events like pop up shops and workshops.

We hope you all continue to follow us on the internet and are just as excited about our newest venture as we are. Thank you to all who have supported us along the way and who will continue to be fangirls with us in the future!

- Tricia & Carly


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