bright lit blue skies!

I think it might actually be spring!  It had better be, anyway, because I don't think I'm willing to wear a coat until November, even if it means not leaving the apartment. 

I took some celebratory photos and discovered a few old shots (best friend Sara's apartment, my place, and Holden Pawfield, one of my favorite cats) when I had the roll developed.




fine for now

I've been playing around making pictures all night. Here's what I've come up with so far!

I will probably decide how I feel about them tomorrow, but for the time being, I like them.

a nous amours

a nous amours (1983)
dir. maurice pialat

 i wasn't able to find any screencaps of the film, so i took some to share! mostly i just wanted to capture my favorite stills and outfits, so i apologize if this doesn't really cover all aspects of the film. 

almost may?

perhaps it's the humidity, but as soon as hot weather strikes, i'm suddenly at a loss for any creative inspiration. instead, i've taken to just looking at pretty things and watching a lot of whimsical films to help pass the time. here's a few bits of fun from the past few weeks. 

Tim Walker, W magazine April 2011; new John Maus; Aurelie Auger; Polyvore; Catherine Deneuve, St. Tropez, 1965. Photographed by Milton H. Greene


Charlotte Perriand

Architecture and furniture design aren't really things I feel qualified to talk about, but I can tell you that I really, really dig Charlotte Perriand and let these images speak for themselves!

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giveaway winner!

Congratulations to Rina!

She left comment #12 in our giveaway for a copy of our new print packs and the second issue of Tilde Journal!

To those of you who didn't win, thank you for commenting and giving us lots of inspiration for our upcoming mini zine issue of Tilde Journal. :D 


for warmth

There are a lot of things I'm notably terrible at, but dressing for the weather happens to be what I fail at most frequently. Even when I take the time to check the temperature and look out my window for signs of rain or snow, I seem to get it completely wrong. Today, that meant waiting for a train with my teeth chattering, wiping a cold drizzle from my glasses every few seconds.

When I finally got home and sat down at my computer with a cup of tea, I saw that our friend Morgan from Crowns Clothing finally has her gorgeous capes up for sale and re-imagined my entire day as if I had one keeping me cozy while public transportation took its sweet time. It was much better the second, imaginary time around, let me tell you!


you're the reason i'm travellin' on

In my mental list of absolute favorite things, bored looking Swedish girls with crimped hair in cute clothes rank pretty high, naturally, and the Patouf S/S 11 lookbook does not disappoint in that department! Plus, I can't get enough of this color palette - mustard, navy, ivory, brown, and pale peach.  Given the means, I'd be happy to throw this collection in a suitcase and wear nothing else all summer.



lucy meyle

This interview is a part of our collaborative series with Fuck Yeah! Women Artists which highlight some of our favorite young illustrators and artists. I first came across Lucy's work during a late night Tumblr session and immediately fell in love with her  minimal and ephemeral lines and use of color. Two of Lucy's pieces are featured in our newest issue of Tilde Journal which you can purchase in our etsy shop. You can find more of her work by visiting her blog.

How long have you been painting and drawing? And what type of things (artists, films, fashion, real life) inspire you?
I never thought I could draw well, but I started my degree in 2008, so I've been drawing 'seriously' since then. Before that I was more of a collaging kid.

Constant inspirations are Bjork, Michel Gondry and Marcel Dzama. But right now I'm really inspired (obsessed) with the insides of things, or things under things- like organs in the body, certain foods, multiple selves/homunculus, cross-section drawings, shrouds, things wrapped in plastic, mesh clothing.

Do you have a narrative in mind when you create a piece? Or do you draw what comes to mind?
Usually something from real life will spark a narrative or an idea. Music is really key as well, to get into the mood of the thing.

Do you have a favorite project or piece that you've worked on?
Most of the work I've done doesn't match up with what was in my head- so there is always a sense of disappointment. I really like what i'm starting on now though, because it is full of possibility (i.e, I haven't fucked it up yet).

What direction do you see your work going in the future? And do you have any upcoming projects planned?
I'm at AUT in Auckland doing a year of post-graduate study, so that has the next 7 months or so sewn up for me. I want to do more narrative drawings/comics, even though I find them difficult.

Any advice to anyone just getting into illustration and drawing on how to develop their own personal style?
School was great for me in terms of finding a personal style, because there were critiques and interested tutors, but it isn't for everyone. Experimenting and testing until finding something that 'fit' was the thing which worked, too. I think if you're consciously trying to force a personal style it might not work out.
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