for warmth

There are a lot of things I'm notably terrible at, but dressing for the weather happens to be what I fail at most frequently. Even when I take the time to check the temperature and look out my window for signs of rain or snow, I seem to get it completely wrong. Today, that meant waiting for a train with my teeth chattering, wiping a cold drizzle from my glasses every few seconds.

When I finally got home and sat down at my computer with a cup of tea, I saw that our friend Morgan from Crowns Clothing finally has her gorgeous capes up for sale and re-imagined my entire day as if I had one keeping me cozy while public transportation took its sweet time. It was much better the second, imaginary time around, let me tell you!


  1. this makes me sad it's almost summer here because i can definitely see myself wearing one of these.

  2. Morgan's capes are so sensational that I, too, have blogged about them. Considering it's actually super cold here, I can so see myself in the 'Biscotti' one, with brown leather oxfords and a velvet dress underneath... sigh.

  3. I wish the weather wasn't so warm now because they look amazing!


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