etsy finds

With my moving soon, it only seems fitting that I buy a bunch of stuff to further difficult the moving process. Nothing like Etsy to kick you while you're down, amiright? Here's a few of my "favorite" items I've recently come across on Etsy (I actually went ahead and picked up the lavender soap because you always need soap...)

Soaps by 12th Avenue

Denim Tie Crop Top from North Brooklyn Dry Good

Spirit Animals Mug by Corduroy

Paper Flower Garland by Kaye Blegvad

Eco Friendly Organic Lip Balms by Phoenix Botanicals


  1. kaye's new banners are so good! i really want the flower one for my room.

  2. that's funny because i'm getting it for *my* room

  3. Following a few links right now...


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