dressing like buster keaton

From about ages 12-16, I really wanted to be a director, which didn't make a whole lot of sense, because telling people what to do is probably my least favorite thing in the universe.  I guess of all the phases to go through at that tender age, having a voracious appetite for classic cinema is probably one of the least destructive, though, so it all worked out.

I've honestly forgotten a lot of what I learned while geeking out over filmmaking in those few years, but my love for Buster Keaton has stayed put. And how could it not?  Expressive faces are kinda my thing (see Emotions With Jon Hamm), and Keaton could show you a world of sadness in a second's glance.  Sure, he was a champ of physical comedy, but for me, his films were always about feelings. Since I don't think anyone wants this blog to turn into an exploration of the caverns of my lonely heart, I decided to focus on another element of what makes Buster Keaton movies so great: the style. Pork pie hats forever!

To tap into your inner silent film star, be prepared to take on a variety of characters (train engineer, detective, and sailor to name a few) and be careful - even the most innocent activity will turn into quite the quagmire that you can only escape by the skin of your teeth!

The Navigator 

I have this and I love it, but sadly, Saks (where I got it for way cheaper) is all out of them.

Natural Wide Brim Boater at Topshop / H&M Straw Boater/ Helen Kaminski Raffia Boater Hat / Steven Alan Jillian Hat

The Cameraman

Anthropologie Blazer


  1. Love the bulldog picture (in a melancholy kind of way). x

  2. Oh I love Buster, this is such a great post! I really want that sailor sweater, it is good.

    x Dianne


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