Dressing Like Truman Capote

Since my previous features on my fashion icons seem to have been well liked, I'm going to start posting a "dressing like" segment every week in which I will largely ignore famous people's accomplishments in favor a superficial celebration of their sense of style.

I feel like I can speak for both Carly and myself when I say Truman Capote totally gets us. He could be fancy (look up pictures of his Black and White Ball for a treat!), but I much prefer the mental image of him I have hunched over a typewriter in a basic tee with a kitty in his lap. Maybe it's the fact that I'm kind of overwhelmed with all the junk I've acquired in the past four years that I don't know what to do with as I prepare to move, but I'm definitely into simplifying everything (especially my wardrobe) right now. These photos of Mr. Capote make me think that all I really need is a few items I can throw into a suitcase.

by Cecil Beaton

truman capote style

by Henri Cartier-Bresson

by Irving Penn


  1. totally could see him being our third blog partner.

  2. Beautiful images! I do love Mr. Capote.

  3. I never realized Capote had such great style! :}


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