confessions of a pavement fangirl

I had a casual Pavement appreciation for quite a while before it blossomed into a full blown obsession in the past few years - possibly a side effect of my time as a college radio DJ, because I'm pretty sure it's really common thing those kids go through.

Fortunately, Pavement was nice enough to go on a reunion tour that stopped in Boston last autumn right as my love for them was at a peak high. Better yet, my pal Sara was able to visit the weekend of the show, so I didn't have dance my little heart out without someone super pumped right next to me. I believe the exact words of my incredibly professional concert review that night were, "my face got rocked off".

Anyway, there's not really anything I can say about Pavement that hasn't been said before many times, but here are a few images that make me a happy girl:

Stephen Malkmus by Moses Berkson

A handy chart.

Reunion tour shot by Cory Schwartz

Stephen Malkmus by Juergen Teller

And just in case you haven't given Pavement a fair chance to infect your brain with pure, unadulterated awesomeness, I put together a mix of ten of their songs I love dearly featuring some hits and some seriously underrated jams.

1) Texas Never Whispers
2) Easily Fooled
3) Stereo
4) Greenlander
5) Gold Soundz
6) Summer Babe [Winter Version]
7) Cut Your Hair
8) Shoot the Singer (1 Sick Verse)
9) Shady Lane/ J vs. S
10) In the Mouth of a Desert (Live)


  1. confession: i've never listened to pavement but i downloaded the mix and am fixing this asap.

  2. I hadn't heard them before but downloaded this for a train journey and they're cracking. x

  3. I'm happy to spread the love!


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