dressing like paul newman

I'm resurrecting the semi-weekly "Dressing Like" for a little Paul Newman love!  I feel like there's a really good (awful) joke in there somewhere with "dressing like" and Newman's Own salad dressing. Whoever comes up with the best one wins my eternal affection.

Aside from packing a hell of a lot into his life as an actor/racecar driver/philathropist,  Paul Newman fit my number one requirement of a style icon: looking stylish in a plain white t-shirt.  Bonus points for looking badass in loafers, which is another direct route to my  heart.

These shoes were totally on my wishlist towards the beginning of summer (even creeped into a Polyvore set) when I happened to come across them in my size while thrifting in Boston.  One of the greatest sartorial anxieties I've experienced in my life occurred a month or so later when I was wearing them through torrential downpour while catching a show on the Williamsburg Waterfront.  I was pretty bummed out as I was sure my dream loafers wouldn't make it...but they came out of it looking brand new! Plus they're the comfiest shoes I own.  Totally would recommend buying these shoes, even at full price if you have the means.  So yeah, I hope you enjoyed that entire paragraph about one pair of loafers. Blogging!

APC sweatshirt / Acne white jeans J Crew striped shirt 
Madewell socks  / Keds canvas shoes


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