a kitten, records, and zines / around the house

This was not initially intended to be a post having anything to do with cats, but Pumpkin seems to be sneaking his little face into about 75% of the pictures I take these days, so it's kind of hard to avoid making things all about him.


Records and magazines are cool to me not so much because I glamorize the past (people talking about how much better it was way-back-when makes my blood boil)...but because of the leap of faith involved. I like holding the finished product in my hands and thinking "this could have flopped so badly" and knowing the fact that it ended up with me means that it didn't. I guess it's a bit like the emotional investment I put in every roll of film and the anxiety of waiting to see the finished product -that spectrum of emotions is so cool to me and not something I would ever completely abandon in my life.

And kittens are just cute. That's a fact.
New zine storage inspired by Abby Try Again's spice rack idea. We're too into zines to not display them prominently, right? Caroline's fondness for Christmas lights gives it some extra whimsy.

Best little face.

Tea and The Gentlewoman make a pleasant afternoon.

 Bear (and kitty!) corner.

My bedroom.

Pumpkin likes sitting on my records, which doesn't seem too comfortable to me, but cats are freaks.

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  1. my book! my lions! i am happy to be a) all over your house and b) in the same post as the most majestic cat face of all time


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