new things

Yesterday was an exciting day for us, we finally got hot water and the internet. Now our only major roadblock is figuring out how to calm down Tricia's devil cat who likes to use our bodies as scratching posts and chew on the sides of our laptops.

Here's just a few tidbits from this past week. Once we finish decorating and clearing out all the empty boxes, we'll give you the grand tour of our house!

Thrifted boots that remind me of the Rachel Comey Hitch boots I could never afford

Bodkin swimsuit via eBay

My room so far - the string lights make it the most whimsical room in the house. The two prints on either side of the window are by Kaye Blegvad. 


  1. that swimsuit looks incredible! great boots too!

  2. Wow, those boots are amazing! Great find. Very jealous. x


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