party down!

Last month, I cashed in some Amazon credit for a couple disposable cameras to use at our Glam Rock Space Cats housewarming party. The night turned out being a little crazier than we anticipated (a personal highlight for me was watching Carly yell at a guest for spewing out anti-feminist bullshit - he is not invited our Halloween party!), and when morning rolled around, only one camera was anywhere to be seen. Luckily, it turned up under the couch, and I just got the second roll back!

Pumpkin was the chillest little dude at the party! Look, he even winked.

Serious bonding.

Best dressed award winners.

Whenever I throw parties, I request a series of pictures of people looking angry/uncomfortable and then absurdly happy.


Team Carly's Pink Hair Forever

I feel like Kaye Blegvad should probably get a dollar every time someone enters our house because we have so much of her stuff up!

Joyce and Pumpkin are better friends than this picture suggests.

Party feet!

As you can see, we're pretty serious about decorating.


  1. Oh man, I missed whatever went down between Carly and that guy. Never let me leave a party early again. :P

  2. Can't wait for the next party!


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