where have all the flowers gone?

I'm a big fan of autumn. Cozy sweaters, cider, and walking outside without my hair expanding to twice its normal size? Bring it all on. One thing I can do without, though is the disappearing ubiquity of flowers. I mean, I know crunchy leaves are super cool and we all just want to jump on them in our boots, but dammit, there's still room for fall florals!

 These babies in front of my mom's house are as Octobery as black cats and spider webs:

If I was handed a bunch of sacks of cash tomorrow, I would spend at least one sack exclusively on silk printed in muted and/or black and white florals. Definitely semi-sheer to conjure up images of ghosties in my brain.

This is a girl I am interested in starting my own Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with:

Image via Polka Dot

More Annie Clark!  Always more.  This time, in cool black and white rose print Lanvin for Elle.

And finally, some art by Becca Stadtlander in perfect pumpkin pie and cranberry hues. 

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  1. Mmm... Cider and jumpers. Perfect. That Karen Walker shirt is fab too. x


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