girls girls girls

A few months before Girls released Album, I downloaded a collection of their demos (or maybe live tracks?) and the songs quickly became my 2009 summer soundtrack.  Before I headed back to Boston for the school year, I spent an evening at Emo's (which, sadly, will be gone by the end of this year) closing out the summer in perfect form:  Smith Westerns, Girls, and Los Campesinos!  

Smith Westerns were, at that point, just a baby band (not even old enough to attend the gig they were playing, if my memory serves me correctly!) and I only knew a few songs by Los Campesinos!, but I left the show a fan of both bands.

Girls were still definitely the highlight of the evening for me, though. When Christopher Owens shuffled onstage in a baggy striped tee, cuffed jeans, tube socks, and red heels with his face covered in curls and I knew they would not disappoint, and I was right. I'll be seeing them again next month during Fun Fun Fun Fest (along with legends like the Damned and Public Enemy!), and I can't wait to see the new songs live!   


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