chunky knits

We thought it would never happen - it's finally cooled down in Austin...to 90 degrees. Still "hot" but since it's not very humid here, it's been very enjoyable weather, especially with the light breeze during the day. Yesterday we went a bit overboard and hit up 3 stores (and we'll be at more this week!) looking for the perfect Halloween and sparkly to get the house ready for our Glam Rock Space Cat Housewarming party this weekend. Pictures to come when we're all done!

Since this is as close to official fall weather as we've gotten in the past month, I've been OBSESSED with sweaters, scarfs, chunky blankets, aka anything to keep warm with. Last week I started crocheting a circle scarf and am quite pleased with how it's going so far - only $14.00 compared to the $50+ ones that were on my wishlist. 

Here's some chunky knit inspiration - 

lambton EXTRA-chunky cowl & simcoe braided headband from good night, day


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