eleven heavy things

Last year, I had the pleasure of checking out Miranda July's Eleven Heavy Things exhibit in Union Square Park with my friends Joyce and Vivian. I don't usually pass up an opportunity to climb on expensive objects, so interactive art is one of my favorite things, and this particular exhibit got bonus points for sprinkles of Ms. July's sense of humor thrown into the mix!

I came across my photos from that day and decided to share them here, because we're always up for a little Miranda July! I just wish I had taken a bunch more and maybe stolen a statue to keep as my own.

These things wobbled around at different degrees depending on how guilty you are, so Joyce was genuinely trying to keep her balance. She musta done something awful to be guiltier than that troublemaker, Vivian.


  1. Joyce is definitely the guiltier one.

  2. Agreed, Joyce is definitely the guiltier one. I'm the poster child of innocence.


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