great outdoors

Last week Tricia & I had a chance to discuss our newest zine project in person (yay!) and decided that instead of doing a strictly summer issue, we'd really like to create a zine that allows all our of contributors to become explorers of the outdoors. It's a theme that would let everyone to contribute and have a little bit more fun! We're thinking tents, campfires, hiking, bears, vintage photos, etc but as always, it's up to you to interpret!

Another change that instead of producing our zines as a part of the Tilde Journal series, we've decided to branch off and publish them independently of a zine series. This will allow us a bit more freedom in what we decide to include and hopefully get more contributors involved. 

Because of the change in theme, we'll be extending the deadline until the end of August. If you have already submitted, do not fear! We are keeping everything from the summer theme and will be considering it for this one. 

You can read more about our submission guidelines here. As always, please feel free to e-mail us with any questions. 


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