A Personal Note

This blog is definitely first and foremost about pretty things, but occasionally, life demands that we address real issues, so here's our attempt to use pretty things to do some good in the world.

Our lovely friend Asma has been very sick lately and due to the fucked up nature of healthcare in the United States, can’t get insurance because she really needs it. You can read a bit more about her situation and find out how to help her here.

Thanks to the kindness of friends, Asma has about half the money she needs to make a down payment on a necessary surgery, however she still needs about $800 more dollars just to make the down payment.

For the next week, the Ventricular Projects Etsy will donate $1 for every purchase and each dollar will be personally matched. You can also donate money directly to Asma through her PayPal acccount: mashakilmaker@yahoo.com.

I promise that this is 100% legitimate. If you don’t have money to spare, please reblog and get the message out!

Thank you,

Tricia and Carly


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