Jonathan Richman Style

I don't remember exactly when I got turned on to the perennial coolness of Jonathan Richman, but I know the song was "When I Dance" and I'm pretty sure my friend Caroline had something to do with it. My love only intensified when I moved to Boston and became familiar with the places from all his songs - in times of academic stress, hearing "drop out of BU" in a pop song sounded like some pretty good advice! I finally got around to seeing him live this spring, and I was not disappointed...he's an incredibly charismatic performer and my friends and I left the venue completely under his spell. The mention of the little street I currently live on didn't hurt, either.

Since I kinda want to be him and he's always lookin' good, I put together a few looks based on him for inspiration.

Jonathan Richman II: My Jeans

jonathan richman, style icon


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