Flash Sale!

We've decided to have a little sale over at our Etsy shop!  Tilde Journal: Issue Two is half off (making it just $3) until June 25th!

This issue is printed in color and features 15 international contributors including the art and writing of  Kensey Crane, Rachel Thalia Fisher, Tricia Gilbride, Veronica Glab, Madeline Sherwood King, Caroline Knowles, Ena Kosovac, Vivian Lee, Caroline Liu, Lucy Meyle, Red Newsom, Katie Oldaker, Alisse Des Rosiers, Kerry Rychel, Jillian Thoman, Stephanie Turmelle, Hannah Weaver, Leanna Wright, and Maggie Zall. All copies come with a 4 by 6 furry friend print!      

While you're there, check out the prints we have available!

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