tidbits from boston

In lieu of making one gignatic post about my recent trip to Boston & New York, I thought it might be more fun to break it up into little posts over the next week or so. The first stop on my mini adventure was to Boston where I stayed with Tricia for a few days. We did lots of shopping, some thrifting (I rationalized a MJ Rat T-shirt for $2...), much needed group crafting, ate lots of Indian food and drank lots of gin. I prematurely called the weather "warm" and regretted that as soon as we met the humidity and stifling heat in New York. 

The high point of my trip to Boston - Alanna's cat...& no offense, Tricia, I just don't know how anyone could compete.  Ginger / Sunshine cats are my favorite so you can imagine how happy I was to find a friendly one willing to let me take his photograph. 

Sharpie tattoos because of the gin. Pam's is a Cher tattoo. 

The day before we hopped on the bus to New York, we had a whimsical afternoon the park where Tricia took photos with her instant Fujifax and we unsuccessfully tuned her ukelele which didn't stop it from being played. 


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