vacation inspiration

After a gloomy few months, I'm nothing short of stoked to pack up a suitcase and spend a little time in warmer climates with family and do all the hiking and swimming I can pack in to a few short days before I head back to Boston to finish up my degree.  I'm not entirely sure how many rolls of film would constitute as excessive, but I can't help but feel that the love of my life (Ae-1) and my girl on the side (Holga) are hungry for adventure and I don't want to disappoint!

Here are a few pictures I've been looking at a bit too much when studying brains gets to be a little too much for my head:

Margaret Howell Summer 2011

National Geographic, July 1966


  1. these photos are gonna distract me too now!! so many dreamy scenes and vacationing babes!

  2. I am now the proud owner of a tent that sleeps 4 and the knowledge that camping trips are actually quite fun so get excited.

    And ditto to the comment above.


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