Emily's style has been my object of envy for quite some time now.  Apart from being the owner of everything I want (looking at you Edith A. Miller dress...), she's always fun and bold in her fashion choices. While I tend to gravitate towards more toned-down and basic outfits, I still think every outfit needs that quirky, Emily pop (coining a new phrase here). She doesn't have a style blog yet, but for now, you can follow Emily on Tumblr.

(thrifted denim jacket (originally abercrombie kids lol), elizabeth and james dress, ash boots)

thrifted dress, urban outfitters wedges and belt & edith a. miller dress, kate kanzier loafers)

Current Inspiration

The Pixies, Simon and Garfunkel, and the Velvet Underground
Valley of the Dolls
Hal Hartley movies (especially Adrienne Shelly's characters)

eric of calivintage - http://calivintage.com

 natalie of natalie off duty - http://natalieoffduty.blogspot.com/


(Raglan Touring Dress from loup charmant)
(Glastonbury Dress from Pixie Market, APC Madras Floral Dress from Bows+Arrows)

(Gee WaWa Maria Fisherman Sandal from endless)
(Silk Canyon Skirt from Madewell, Lindsey Thornburg Indigo Celtic Darby Dress from Bonadrag)

Thanks, Emily!

1 comment:

  1. She has such amazing style! I particularly love the white crocheted dress with those lovely heels. And I am also coveting that little white dress. A summer dream! xx


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