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Kate (Brighton, UK) keeps a wardrobe consisting of lots of black and tan pieces (a girl after our hearts!) from being anything but basic with menswear inspired pieces like pleated trousers, metallic accents, and the occasional burst of color.  Lucky for us, she regularly features DIY tutorials to create or alter vintage-inspired tops and dresses. Follow Kate on her blog, Schwurlie, or through her Lookbook
One of Kate's D.I.Y. projects.

My inspiration mostly comes from people I see around in the street. I live in the center of a city so simply looking out of the window in Starbucks can leave me wanting to go shopping / make millions of new things. I like websites like hel-looks.com, hoyfashion.co.uk and lookbook.nu too. I don't regularly read that many blogs but I recently discovered aglassjar.blogspot.com - she always looks nice and comfy. I also like Japanese fashion so magazines like Egg, Popteen and Zipper are inspiring to me, as well as Korean fashion. Apart from that, I am very very very much inspired by fashion of the 50s and especially the 60s (and 80s to some extent) which may or may not come across in my outfits, I don't know. I hope so! Very generally, I like 'ladylike' fashion as much as I like fashion that is vaguely androgynous, though I'm not sure whether that really comes out in my outfits.

(Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Sunglasses and Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Shift Dress)

I think these sunglasses so cute and bright. They don't look like they'd be particularly helpful in the sun, but nevertheless I'd love to wear them with something black and white like this Sonia Rykiel dress.
(ASOS A-Line Shift Dress)

I also really want a simple shift dress for summer and while I'm on ASOS, this is perfect.

(1960s Pop Art Houndstooth Crop Cardigan from Young and Ukraine

Not particularly summery, but I've been looking for a houndstooth jacket for ages and ages but have never found the perfect one. This cardigan comes pretty close, but I still need to find me a jacket.

(Zipia Coat)

The coat from Zipia, I love light blue, I love the simplicity of it, it would just generally be good to have.

(Vintage 1960s Florsheim Ramblers from Pure Vintage Clothing)

White low heels would look amazing with shift dresses and white tights.


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