georgia of the velvettes

If my ego were a bit larger, I might think that Georgia ( from Cristchurch, New Zealand ) gets dressed in the morning with the intention of making me smile.  But, being a relatively sane person, I'm fully aware that she's following her own sense of style and if her love of unique patterns and eye catching colors cheers up someone across the globe, that's just icing on the cake.

My wardrobe basically consists of sheer, unashamed whimsy and novelty, with a scattering of basics for contrast. I live in a cheap old gray cardigan from Zara and black tights, but everything else is massively varied, and fluctuates wildly in print, shape, size... and what kind of cute animal it depicts. I guess a lot of my inspiration comes from actual animals and my desire to not only live in a giant zoo with at least 2 of every species (*not* an ark) but be clad in garments depicting their beautiful little faces all the time. 

Oh man, not til I attempted to put this together did I realise the actual proportion of my wardrobe that is animal-esque. Wow, what a revelation, I'm actually a bit embarrassed. It was never a conscious choice that half my wardrobe would consist of cute little creature-prints, but I'd say it's a portent for my life as a crazy cat lady.

Currently, were my tax return to come through at a billion dollars, here's what I'd be buying:

(Fawn skirt from Aristocrat and That on Etsy,  Olympia le Tan Moby Dick Clutch)

(Anthropomorphic postcard set by Beat Up Creations on Etsy)

 (Skirt from whenwewereyoung on Etsy (purchased by Georgia!))

(Leather sparrow bag by Broundoor on Etsy, Bear Dress by Lu Flux)

Thanks, Georgia!


  1. Yay for beautiful Georgia! That duck skirt is so gorgeous.

  2. Georgia is wonderful! Definitely deserving of a feature! <3 I read thevelvettes all the time!



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