thoroughly digging right now: rose edition

1) THIS GUY - Okay, so loving kitties probably not something that I need to mention ever to anyone, but this lil' one snapped by Elo Vazquez might just be the most perfect feline in the history of all time. Besides my Pumpkin, of course!  

Via dreamcats 

1) COLLAR JEWELRY - on the average day, I'm sporting at least one collar, so I'm pretty into the idea of snazzing 'em up with a little metallic.

3) KAYE X LEAH  - It's no secret that we're super into the work of Kaye Blegvad and Leah Goren over here, and this collaboration (available at Leah's Etsy) is no exception!  Totally the perfect example of the darker florals I wouldn't shut up about last week.  

4) 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE - This is a movie, I admit,  I found out about way later than I should have.  If you're into Joy Division, New Order, and the Happy Mondays and your sense of humor is a little twisted, this is a must see.  If you hate that whole music scene (who are you????)  and just like ridiculous and great fashion, you will probably also enjoy this movie.  

5) GRACE MICELI - I've been familiar with Grace Miceli's work for a while now and it has never failed to put a smile on my face.  Thanks to Carly, my car is now sporting a Pawnee Goddess sticker, so I drive around Austin feeling like a glorious female warrior.  


  1. Oooh nice collection of things!
    I'm loving the collar decorations.

  2. Yup, love the collar jewellery too. Such a simple but clever idea! x


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