Whenever I drive between cities in Texas, I'm tempted to pull over and take pictures...even if it is just farmland as far as the eye can see.  Leaving Austin on Friday, I noticed that it was a particularly gray day, and about twenty minutes out of the city the casual grayness turned into some sort of SUPERFOG and I totally went into X-Files mode, which is an entertaining but perhaps not terribly healthy way to make a three hour drive solo.  

When I could finally pull over safely (and by that I mean from passing vehicles, not aliens), I ended up  at a vacant high school, which did wonders for the spookiness of the situation - teens eaten by superfog!  There were also some train tracks and about a million empty firework stands (totally normal in Texas) to investigate for supernatural activity. 

Eventually, it got too cold and damp for me to wander around comfortably, so I got back in my car, blasted the Zombies, and made it through the superfog safely to family, friends, and delicious sandwiches in Houston. I'm definitely gonna need some more time being Scully in the near future, though! 

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  1. You're braver than I am! Finding an abandoned school in the fog would totally spook me.



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