renegade craft fair

Over the weekend, Carly, Joyce, and I stopped by the Renegade Holiday Craft Fair for some gift buying.  I couldn't purchase anything on Sunday, but I picked up some well-designed business cards for when my pockets are a little fuller and a few ideas for our upcoming craft/zine faire tables.

One of our favorite vendors was Son of A Sailor, who sells adorable painted jewelry & prints.  Carly bought a leather bracelet, and I was mighty tempted to purchase a necklace for myself.  

We also loved Yellow Grey, from Indiana based Kristina Kostur, who makes jewelry out of materials like sea urchin spines, stones, and various metals.

Overall, I'd describe it as a sometimes vanilla, real-life Etsy since the cost of tabling ($300) keeps a lot of the scrappier, more eccentric vendors from participating whereas selling online requires little overhead.   However, I definitely enjoyed discovering shops I wasn't familiar with (such as the two I mentioned here) and meeting people I had previously only corresponded with online. Arts & crafts talk forever, please.


  1. I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in London a couple of weeks ago! x


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