40 Cats Drinking 40s

We are pleased to announce that our latest zine, 40 Cats Drinking 40s, is finally available for purchase just in time for the holidays!

A zine featuring illustrations of forty drunk cats and one drunk human as well as rhyming tales of debauchery by Caroline Knowles and Tricia Gilbride.

40 Cats Drinking 40s is printed in color on cardstock and tied up with black twine, the preferred packing material of kitties.

Please order by December 19th to ensure Christmas delivery! Because this is totally the purrfect holiday present, right? Nothing says warm and fuzzy like a wasted feline!


  1. Excited. Just placed my order for this AND vampires. Rubbing hands in anticipation all the way from New Zealand.

  2. @fashion westie

    Thanks so much for ordering! I hope it gets there soon!


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