ATX Zine Fest, etc!

Hi, first off, thanks to everyone who has bought a copy of 40 Cats Drinking 40s!  I sent off the first few copies this afternoon, and I can't wait for them to reach your paws.  

More exciting news:  next weekend (December 10-11) we'll have a table at the ATX Zine Fest and (hopefully!) we'll have ANOTHER brand new zine available in addition to our previous releases and maybe some fun stickers and prints.

 The event will be held Saturday and Sunday December 10th and 11th from 12-6PM at Bernadette's Bar (2039 Airport Blvd). 

ALSO we'll be at Cheer Up Charlie's the two nights preceding the zine fest - on the 8th for The Vagina Zine Winter Issue Release Party & on the 9th for a zine event thrown by print Revival which we'll be tabling at.  

If you're in Austin, please come and say hi! We're nice people.


  1. argh you guys this is so cool! you have no idea how much i want to be there

  2. @Crowns Clothing Aw man, that would be so fun! One day we'll sell our wares side by side!

  3. I got my copy [and the vampire + cats] a couple of days ago!!! THANK YOU! It was s'posed to be a xmas gift for someone....but I think it's too good. It's a keeper :)


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