Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012

Jason Wu gets me.    I feel like he somehow eavesdropped on a conversation between Vivian and I and came out with this collection as if to say, "Ladies, I am here for you! You want leather collars, embroidered florals, and some gray-on-tan-on-black action? No problem. I have it covered."  Except I know that didn't happen because Vivian recognizes everybody worth recognizing, so we would definitely know if Jason Wu was in the same room as us. Plus, it would be super weird for him to just make a collection with us in mind considering our lack of funds or influence just because he likes making dreams come true.  Unless Jason Wu is the new Oprah?  Ohmygod, that would be awesome! I would watch that show.  

Conclusion of this entry: Jason Wu should totally be the new Oprah.

1 comment:

  1. SERIOSLY this collection was a dream come true. Luv u Jason CALL ME SO WE CAN BE BFFS


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