Inge Morath

Somehow, I've never posted about Inge Morath here, so now I am!  Her career kinda has it all - her subjects ranged from the biggest stars Hollywood has ever known to regular folks and even llamas in cabs,  plus she made both documentary style and surreal photographs. Her images aren't where the story ends, either - Morath began her career as a translator & journalist and continued to study and write to give her photographs context.  I know she kept a diary and most of her writing (that is published at all) has been published posthumously, so I can't wait to get my hands on as much of it as I can.

Self portrait, Jerusalem 1958.

 Collaboration between Inge Morath & Saul Steinberg

Photo by Yul Brynner (1958)

Arthur Miller & Marilyn Monroe by Inge Morath (1960)
After these two crazy kids didn't work out (somehow!), Arthur Miller and Inge Morath got together and were married until her death in 2002.  I've always been curious about what Morath felt when capturing her future husband's intimate moments with Marilyn and kind of always assumed that she knew the relationship was doomed long before they did.  But that's only a story I've concocted in my head from looking at her photographs, the subject remains poorly researched on my part.  


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