steven alan fall '11

Instead of spamming my Tumblr page with all of my favorite looks from the Steven Alan Fall '11 collection, I decided to spam the blog! As always, their styling is impeccable and I need everything. I'm not so patiently waiting for them to update their online shop so I can see whether or not adding any of these dresses to my wishlist is feasible (that green zipper dress is especially lovely).


all images via stevenalan.com

Now on my wishlist for fall, leopard print and knit pants. I was bummed to find out that a local company who were pretty well known for their knit separates stopping making knit pants and leggings, I was especially looking forward to stocking up on those to wear this fall with oversized sweaters. If anyone has any recommendations, I'd be happy to have them!


  1. ooh I love all of it. And the model is totally babe-in'!

  2. Oh lord I want all of this, especially that green dress with the zip on the back. Sadly I think most of this is made for skinny Alexa-esque girls, not women of my... girth.

  3. idk! i think their sizing is fairly realistic..it's the prices that are only for the alexa chungs with $ lol

  4. I am completely obsessed over the second dress! <3 The velvet fabric, colour, and detailing are all so dreamy!

    Lost in the Haze


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