Patouf Spring Summer '12

You might remember a while back, I posted about Swedish label Patouf's Spring/Summer '11 lookbook featuring perfect warm hues and the sundress of my dreams that made me think, temporarily, that selling all my worldly goods in exchange for a couple weeks wandering the streets of Europe in cute clothes was a practical life choice.  Well, I might need some help being talked out of that yet again, because Patouf was nice enough to send us some photos of the Spring/Summer '12 range,  and lets just say my first reaction after going through the photos was to look up flight prices!

Once again, I love the colors (pale peaches and muted blues are all I want to wear lately) and how great are those kitty shoes? Round it out with some tough-girl boots & cute dress combos, and you've got yourself some key elements in my dream wardrobe. 

Check out their website to shop their Fall/Winter collection as well as a selection of vintage pieces.

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