bears repeating

For as long as I can remember, I've fucking loved bears. I don't know the origin of my fondness for the creatures, but I can (and do) go on for ages about their majesty. My loved ones are totally enablers, too - they've been known to part with their hard earned cash whenever they see bear related things up for grabs rather foolishly knowing it will send me into a fit of glee. Thanks, guys!

Here's a roundup of (kinda) recent bear related happiness!

My Leah Goren bear dress. I've thought about buying one of Leah's super rad cat dresses countless times, but when I saw that she had introduced a bear print to her Etsy shop, there was no thinking involved - I messaged her asking if a bear dress was possible, and she made sure I ended up with the frock of my dreams. She also just listed a new zine that looks amazing, so everyone should snatch one up!

Lizzy Stewart bear gocco & mug painted by best friend/future roommate, Sara. Caroline, Sara, and I move into the house on Sunday, and I cannot contain my excitement. Year-long arts and crafts sleepover, here I come!

Bear mail! Michelle and I have been bonding over our mutual, obsessive affection for bears for a while now, and a few months ago, we became pen pals. Yesterday, she hinted at the contents of the next envelope I'll be receiving and I cannot wait.


  1. I love this post, and I love your dress! My family do the same. My sister posted me a toy Polar Bear Rescue Station last week and it's pretty amazing - but for kids! I plan to post you the bear package early next week. I'm excited for you to receive it (but I don't want you to get too excited, for it's nothing special) x

  2. I love bears too! And I love Leah goren! And I hadn't seen her bear print! I feel all over excited. X


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