I can't remember the last time I liked a new movie as much as I liked Turn Me On, Dammit!

The film centers around Alma, a sexually frustrated teenage girl played by Helene Bergsholm, who might just be a long lost Fanning sister.   What's so perfect about this story is not only that it brings to light the amazing fact that teenage girls think about sex, but that it addresses how complex their relationship with sex is.  I think this subject matter is typically portrayed in a black & white sort of way - animal instinct vs. pure romance, and completely skates over what I believe the typical experience is.  Plus, it's overall a very pretty movie (Norway - you are gorgeous) with a great sense of humor. 

Here is the trailer:

And here are some cool posters:

OF COURSE the American version is like a million times less risque, but at least it's cute?

My screen caps are behind the cut, even though they're not super spoiler-y.  You never know, though!

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