sweet heart sweet light

It's a fact of life that you can never be too caught up in spring.  The major event of my day involved taking a puppy on an ice cream trip, and I'll spend the evening catching up on my reading, iced tea in hand.  Lazy days are not really a luxury I have right now, unfortunately, but this freak out/chill out cycle I have going right now is difficult to control and I'm not sure that I want to. So yes, give me bleary-eyed all nighters as long as I have my carefree springtime evenings to spend in 100% cotton button downs and cutoffs.  

Still, I'm digging these photos styled by Zara Mirkin and snapped by Maya Villager for Oyster featuring clothes by Stolen Girlfriends Club. Makes me long for October in New York and getting dressed in every texture under the sun.  I guess the occasional autumn day dream can't hurt, right?


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