sun trails

Caroline's been lusting over all things in the palest shade of pink lately, but I've been having scarily intense daydreams about the bright and bold hues I've avoided since my early teens.  Sunset colors seem to be as good a fix as any for dreary days, right?

One incident in my recent string of bad luck involved my darling Pumpkin knocking over a bottle of black paint while I was working on an Etsy order.  You best believe it got everywhere - the floor, the walls, my chair, and, of course, Pumpkin himself.  He knew he was guilty (cats always know when they've done you wrong) and proceeded to run all over the house, leaving a damning trail of black as I tried to catch the little scoundrel and wipe him down.  Another victim of the disaster? My MacBook charger....a pretty devastating loss for someone currently working exclusively from home, for sure. And as shitty as MacBook chargers are,  I had no business denying that mine hadn't exactly been properly cared for this time around.

Naturally, when Caroline and I headed to the mall to investigate a couple things on her wishlist in person and replace the destroyed property in question, my hopes were not high, so we prepped ourselves for the worst by consuming delicious veggie BLTs and chai lattes. Surprisingly, though, they replaced my charger with no questions asked (I think the paint actually did a good job of concealing the little kitty teeth marks) and I had the kind of good retail fortune that allowed me to break my very long shopping ban guilt-free. I think watching the Lindsay Lohan classic Just My Luck over the weekend definitely had something to do with things going my way.


1) My $50 Rachel Comeys.  Literally in every store we stopped in today (including temptresses such as Madewell & Barney's CO-OP), I barely let myself think about giving a home to the nice things - realistically, I couldn't, considering my budget.  But I especially wasn't going to because I knew I wanted to keep my funds available for the one summer purchase I really wanted to make: the perfect, ridiculous platforms.   When I came across the single pair of these babies in the Anthropologie sale section and, despite them not actually being my regular size, they fit like a dream and the price was right...I figured saying no to them would probably be a middle finger to the fates smiling down on me and there was no telling the suffering it would cause later on. Not dramatic at all.  Apparently they had just been returned, too.  Bright orange clogs are not something I always would have been excited about, but I'm so, so into them and I'm looking forward to my feet matching my hair.

2) An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails.  I actually included this on a wishlist way back when on this blog, but only just purchased it.  Another treat tucked away in that magical Anthropologie sale nook that I had visited many times and always previously left empty handed. The illustrations are even cuter than I had imagined - definitely handy to have around when your spirits need lifting!

3) The new issue of The Gentlewoman! Thanks to my darling Dana for shipping it to us.  There's an article about how visible panty lines are gonna be a cool thing now, which confirms to me that it is the best magazine ever. Love the hot pink of this issue, of course.

4) My new drink of choice.  Maybe I should name it? Unless it already has a name? Anyway, I've been really into smoothies lately and picked up some mango-orange juice to blend with a banana, kale, and strawberries - so good!  Last night, I decided to try a splash of the juice in my gin & ginger ale and I'm so glad I did - perfect spring cocktail.  

5) My favorite little cacti. I've had these for a while, but figured if I was doing a hyper posed blogger photo, I needed to include some plant babies. I mean, I already put a pair of my shoes on the table to photograph, so why not?

Of course, my dear little orange creature snuck his little in to the collection!  I was prepared to be so mad at this guy, but everything actually worked out in my favor thanks to that one horrible thing he did.  Plus he's pretty cute, so I guess I'd forgive him no matter what.


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