another reason for a better paying job

TWO UPDATES IN ONE WEEK? when it rains it pours around our blog! and only if it rained the APC 2012 fall collection around our house because god knows I need more leopard print shift dresses and dress coats -

as Tricia mentioned, we're both rather excited about SXSW next week! my younger sister is visiting in her first independent spring break trip and i'm very happy to host her. i was feeling pretty anxious about the large crowds taking over the city but the recent warm days have put me in a very optimistic mood - coupled of course by the purchase of lots of bright patterns and colors. 

to celebrate the arrival of spring in austin, i'm buying everything in pink! some upcoming purchases *hopefully*

ASOS sunglasses

saltwater sandals in pale pink

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  1. do you know where is the best place to purchase saltwater sandals? thank you!


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