what's the bizness, yeah?

I've wanted business cards for some time now. Not because I have particularly serious business to arrange or because I'm constantly weaving in and out of social settings where I leave people wondering how can I get more of what you have to offer? I just like them.

I finally got around to making some today with the lasercutter, and I quite like how they turned out!  Are they terribly informative? No, not at all...but hey, do I really have that much information to give? No, not really.  

Since it's the internet, here is a shot of what they look like next to kitten paws so you can fully understand them.  

I don't know if you can really tell from these photos, but the text is etched into the paper.  It's really, really cool if you happen to get excited about things like indentations in paper.  

Probably my favorite thing about the whole thing is now I have hand confetti! A new lease on life, for sure.

While I'm blabbering a bit about personal branding, here's the current packaging for my jewelry.  Nothing too fancy yet - definitely by no means final, but it'll do for now! 

P.S. the fabric in the background of these photos is some cotton I dyed peach. I'm gonna make a stamp and do a floral pattern on it one of these days and make a fine lookin' pillow cover.  


  1. So good, so, so, so, so, so goddamn good.

  2. The kitten paws made me laugh. Ah, interwebz... These look really great btw. I'm pretty impressed by the etching. Maybe you should offer it as a service? x

    1. thank you! i'm hoping to, definitely.

  3. Love those hands! And the cards, of course ;) Great work.


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