don't let our youth go to waste

Spring keeps threatening to come to town in full force and then, sadly, retreating.  Still...I can't complain considering for the first time in four years, I can wear whatever shoes I want in January without the fear of them being destroyed by gray slush. Freedom!

Luckily, though, while I wait for Austin to go into full bloom for two perfect months before sweltering heat takes over, bits of spring can be found indoors.

A mini springtime shrine:  My roommate's copy of one of my very favorite records, a snake plant, a lamp gifted to me by my mother, and Stella by Stella McCartney from my sister.

More on Galaxie 500...because there's always more to say about Galaxie 500!  Despite having a pretty good run this past week of suspiciously good moods, I've been listening almost exclusively to music on the gloomier side.  I keep coming back to these songs, in particular, and getting nostalgic for the magical night I saw Dean Wareham open for Belle & Sebastian and ended up in a P.F. Chang's until close because none of the bars in downtown Boston were letting our underage friend in.

There is also always more room for Stella McCartney! Her Spring 2012 campaign by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott is pretty perfect.  If I weren't already super set in the sunglasses department, I would probably spend a lot of time thinking about this particular pair of shades. 

This chandelier by Pani Jurek has been making the rounds on the internet lately, but I never tire of seeing it and can't help but think I'd be able to make my own mini version for my bedroom.  Now I just have to work a constant supply of fresh flowers into my budget...which really, I should have done ages ago.

My dream blouse by Equipment. 

This tea towel from The House That Lars Built is way too pretty for drying dishes.  I want to snatch one up for myself to hang on my wall. 


  1. I really want a bottle of that Stella perfume!
    I had another one of hers that I loved and I fancy trying a different one - it also helps that the bottle is beautiful!

    1. Honestly, the bottle was like 75% of why I coveted it for so long!

  2. gat damn that is the fanciest tea towel i ever saw

    1. gotta get some fancy china if you're gonna use it!

  3. love the blouse, a dream blouse indeed!


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