paint it gold

Excitement is the word. Excitement!

I purchased some fancy gold leather paint & I'm now offering a few shiny pieces in the Cut Path shop and will soon have even more designs available.

I think I'm definitely inching a bit closer to the aesthetic I'm super into - twee occult: for girls who wanna spin Beat Happening records while they play with Ouija boards.  Derivative as fuck! But I love derivative. I mean, I'm not down with outright plagiarism, but references piled up on each other to the point of being practically meaningless are cool with me.  Enthusiasm is the new apathy! 


  1. 'twee occult' describes me perfectly most of the time, amazing

    1. one day we'll party together twee occult style!

  2. Wow these are amazing!

    Please check out the Topshop giveaway on my blog

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