introducing CUT PATH

If you follow me on other corners of the internet, you might already know this, but I'm making and selling jewelry now!  I had initially hoped to launch my Etsy shop, Cut Path, in a more organized fashion...but I don't anyone who knows me will be surprised in the least to find that it didn't quite go down that way.  

The cool thing is that at this point, my shop has only been open for a couple days and I've already sold most of what I have in stock & have a couple custom orders in the works....and for that, I want to extend a gigantic thank you to everyone who has bought something or simply mentioned it to a friend.  That was way cool of you! I'm sure your radness will be rewarded when the universe decides to distribute the next wave of good vibes or something.  Or maybe you'll just really like your jewelry!  

Thanks to the sales I've made, I will be able to make more & I will have a shop update Wednesday and can show you a more complete selection of my current range of products.  Until then, here are some photos of my beautiful friend Joyce wearing my wares and Caroline's flawless wardrobe.   Thanks, ladies!


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