this month's awesome kickstarters

First up, our own Caroline, along with our pal Rhiannon, have a brand new Kickstarter to fund an interview zine as a companion to their excellent Women Artists blog.  They're asking for a modest $250 to get the zine printed AND secure a table at the New York Art Book Fair at PS1 this September, so even the smallest donation helps in a big way. Let's do this!!

Another great project that has actually already achieved its goal (yay!) is It's Complicated: A Feminist Zine on Loving Misogynist Art.  They still have 17 days to go, though, so you can still help!  I'm personally really looking forward to receiving my "I Love My Goth Boyfriend" zine in the mail, because what could be more perfect?  Plus, you know, I support the cause and the zine deals with a subject that I have spent a lot of time questioning myself and still don't have answers for. 

If you're unable to contribute (totally understandable), help get the word out!  I just want all the cool girl zines to be as big as they possibly can be.


  1. I really enjoy these posts and It's Complicated sounds AWESOME. Definitely something worth discussing. x

    1. Yeah, I'm excited for the new issue! They seem to be tackling it from more angles each time, which is so rad.


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