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Not trying to insult the intelligence of any readers here, but I feel the need to remind you Texas is really big. So big that I'm not even close to seeing a fraction of everything worth seeing here despite having spent most of my life living here.  With that in mind, I figured it's long overdue for us to start featuring nice places for local readers to check out and maybe even tempt out-of-staters to visit if we do a good enough job! Texas love forever.

Wren, Samatha Pleet, and Ace & Jig dresses.  

First up is a preview of Myth & Symbol, a shop which will be opening very soon in Houston and stocking clothing and accessories from emerging designers such as Feral Childe, Uzi, and Dusen Dusen as well as printed, home, and beauty goods.  It's not hard to imagine that the future customers are a lot like me when it comes to buying clothes...girls who focus on a wardrobe consisting of a small rotation of pieces truly special to them from sources they feel good about supporting.  

The obvious benefit of the shop stocking plenty of designers whose work hasn't yet be sold in Houston (and in some cases, all of Texas) is that it will give customers the opportunity to check out the fit and feel of pieces they might have only admired online or possibly never would have been familiar with otherwise. I think the appeal of Myth & Symbol goes beyond that, though. When I stopped by to check out the shop while they prepare for their launch, Trang and Chau Nguyen (2/4 of the Myth + Symbol team) were equal parts enthusiastic and informed as they showed me pieces from the store, sharing tidbits they had learned from their Brooklyn studio visits such as which designers share space and the inspiration behind certain prints.  Eventually, they plan to use the space to host events such as jewelry making workshops to foster Houston's own creative community.  

Be sure to check out the shop for yourself when it opens if you're in town, and until then, enjoy my preview shots and read what Trang had to say about how it came together and some of her favorite pieces.

The fitting rooms feature an impressive amount of yardage of hand-dyed rope.  

Your store is being created by a group of people with a diverse group of talents.  What made opening a retail store seem like the best idea to combine your interests?  
There are many aspects to operating a boutique so it's really beneficial having a team with diverse backgrounds. You need someone who knows the business and the creative side. All four of us (Ameet, BJ, Chau and myself) contribute our own unique talents and each bring different skills to the table. Chau is actually my sister. BJ is my brother-in-law and I've known Ameet since high school.

Some of the accessories in stock by designers including Alyson Fox, RennesFay Andrada, and Baggu.

What about opening a store with your vision has been the most surprising?
The response from other local retailers... especially from other boutiques who also are focused on independent designers. Everyone wants each other to succeed.

Houston tends to be overlooked, from a national and even specifically Texan level, in terms of creative ventures, despite having a really impressive museum district and artistic community.  What made you want to stay in Houston instead of setting up shop in a city where the brands you’re carrying might have more recognition?
Houston has definitely been overlooked. I think this outlook is slowly changing though since there's been an "Austin-effect" emerging in this oil city. Houstonians are becoming more conscious and aware of the way they consume and buy. I can't completely knock down Houstonians though. We've always appreciated fashion, it just isn't easily accessible. The idea of Myth + Symbol came about because my sister and I knew we weren't the only ones frustrated that we couldn't find our favorite designers in our very own city. There's a big demographic that has yet to be tapped into here.

In my perfect world, every retail location (book stores! clothing stores! grocery stores!) would have a section devoted to aesthetically pleasing, independently published printed material.

Are there any specific pieces you’re stoked to have in stock? Tell us about them!
Fay Andrada's Elli Necklace has been on my personal wish list for months. It's kinda pathetic of me but sometimes I would just go online and swoon over the necklace.  Samantha Pleet's Cosmo Dress is one of those dresses that just make you wanna swirl and twirl. I'm also a proud Texan so I can't wait to feature a local designer, Myan from Hidden Vices. 
Dusen Dusen prints.

Odette New York jewelry.



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