little snippets!

After going back through our blog over the past few weeks, I realized I haven't updated in forever. I blame my hectic schedule over the past few months and general apathy with just about everything - working 60+ hours a week and having two jobs will do that to you! Luckily, I just started a *new* job about 3 weeks ago that I already love. Never say never but I never want to have to work retail again, I honestly felt like my soul was being sucked out of me every morning I had to wake up at 4 am (did I mention that before? 4 AM!) and then spend the day being nice to strangers even though it's the last thing I felt like doing. I'm not allowed to go into too many specifics about my new job (they told me I wasn't allowed to! Specifically "don't take pictures in your office and post them on Facebook. Just don't mention ANYTHING on Facebook") but it's definitely a more ~adventurous office job with benefits and PTO. Finally a grown up job!

Basically what all this rambling means is that I will now have time to start blogging again! Tricia and I already have a few ideas for new paper-based projects and blog features.

In the mean time, here's a few photos from my Instagram. Sorry not sorry they're all mostly cats.

Super casual office attire - beige cardigan, J.Crew chambray puff sleeve top and a necklace I made during my jewelry making phase

Little Beaker's new favorite nap time spot

Saturday morning's strawberry pancakes with cool whip

Xylophone aka one of "God's Girls", a kitten a friend is fostering 

Mociun tee I scored on eBay

ELLIE! We'll be roommates in August. 

My "work" mug that I ran out and bought my first day so I could join the coffee crowd. I went back the next week and bought 4 more to keep at home ($4 at Target!)

Best kitty paws!

Madewell boots I treated myself to a while back 


  1. I really like that target mug

  2. Go get done! They have matching bowls and plates too. I think I'm going to get more of the pieces when I finally get paid


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